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Antonio Francisco Armenteros Ortiz, has spent more than 25 years in the practice of law and in the world of farm administration, during which time he has managed a large number of communities of owners, buildings and private estates in Cordoba and other provinces, Nowadays, our company manages more than six million euros a year in our own and other people's resources, and all this thanks to the trust that our clients place in us and in the good work and discretion during all this time.


“Our company manages in own and other people's resources

more than six million euros a year ”


We provide a comprehensive service for our communities led by a COLLEGE FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATOR, also offering personal advice to our community members attended by the group of LAWYERS who are part of the office, trying to respond in this way to the needs that are generated in life daily inside and outside the community.

But not all are the results, hence in this first contact with you we wish to emphasize that one of our main priorities is the PERSONAL AND HUMAN TREATMENT TO OUR ADMINISTRATES, and through proper management, administration and advice we can strengthen a relationship , that, with the perspective of time, we can proudly say that in countless cases it goes beyond the strictly professional.






After years of dedication to the communities of owners and from the point of view of experience, we consider it advisable to customize the service we offer since there are no two equal communities, for which our consultants seek different solutions to the needs that you raise. , in order to offer them appropriate answers to them.









  • We attend the constituent meeting and prepare the act of constitution of the community.
  • We filled out the Book of Minutes before the Land Registry where the property resides.
  • We hire supplies of electricity, water, etc. with which the community is endowed.
  • We hire maintenance, cleaning, elevator, antenna, etc.
  • We prepare the initial budgets with which community fees are determined.
  • We manage claims of damage from the owners to the developer.






  • Writing and sending of calls to meetings.
  • Attendance at these meetings, taking care that the agreements adopted are legally based.
  • Sending copies of the minutes to all community members.
  • Presentation of predictable expenditure budgets for the year and how to subsidize them, whether ordinary or extraordinary.
  • Preparation of budgets approved by the Board.
  • Referral to owners of fees to be paid based on approved budgets.




  • Sending annual statements of accounts and whenever they are requested.
  • Personal communication to owners who are late in paying community fees.




  • Bank balance.
  • Pending invoices.
  • Debtors of the community.




  • The following documents will be kept, among others: Electricity, water, opening accounts, cleaning, elevator, insurance, CIF, etc. contracts, all of which are available to the owners of the building.




  • Development of rules of internal regime, where appropriate.
  • Processing of claims with the building insurer.
  • Processing of payments and collections that affect the community, both the ordinary budgeted and the extraordinary agreed.
  • Pay attention to the taxes that affect the Community.
  • Direct management with all those owners who fail to comply with any legal agreement adopted by the Board.
  • Issuance of receipts and management of direct debits referring to Community fees.
  • Direct management with the community bank.
  • Correspondence with public organizations and third parties.
  • Negotiation of the conditions of service contracts that are provided in the community (elevator, cleaning, extinguishers, etc.).
  • Study of works contracts to be carried out in the community.
  • Preparation of model 347 of the Declaration of Suppliers of the Tax Agency.
  • Preparation of model 111 of Retentions to professionals and model 190 (annual summary).
  • Response to the requirements that the Tax Agency, Social Security, City Hall or any agency refer to the community.



  • Attend to the President of the Community, Members of the Board and all owners in all matters arising from the Community.
  • Compliance with the agreements adopted at the Meeting and reflected in the minutes.
  • Legal advice on matters related to the community.





We establish a constant communication link between the community, its governing bodies and its members, via telephone or email, for this, we have a telephone for emergencies and the personalized assignment of your community to one of our advisors who is punctual informed of all the issues that arise in it.

The customer service hours are held in the morning and afternoon at the following times: Monday to Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Fridays from 10:00 a.m. at 1:00 p.m. During the months of July and August the opening hours will be from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

We also have a boardroom with capacity for about 10 people.

Likewise, and in addition to the previous services, this professional office makes available to the community a person who will visit as many times as necessary the community, to thereby keep as exhaustive control as possible of the incidents that arise in it, as well as of the services provided in it.

With regard to the review of contracts for cost savings and greater efficiency in the provision of the service, this office seeks the best offers based on value for money and once obtained is negotiated with the company that provides the same, notifying the community of the result of the management so that it is, ultimately, the one that decides on the matter.






Given that housing, parking, storage or local, are a very important part of our heritage, it is essential that we put them in value by giving them proper maintenance.

For this reason, and to comply with the foregoing, our office works with local companies that provide maintenance and repairs to the buildings we manage and which may be those indicated by the community or those in our portfolio.

We always look for the best quality-price service, to make the maintenance of the community optimal, and to achieve this it is necessary to have good and experienced professionals of proven quality to have the best professionals in the maintenance of each part of them .

Because of this, we offer the community a list of professional specialists in their sector, in order to offer their services and keep them in perfect condition.





We customize the amount for each community, because each building is unique and different and their needs are varied and it includes the justified extraordinary meetings. Our fees will be reviewed according to the annual CPI variation.

We try to find a balance between fees and services provided so that it is adequate to the needs demanded.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you without obligation.